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Cherub's Wings The Ange's Song & Follow the Leader

Cherub Wings The Angel Song & Follow The Leader

It’s the special time of year when angels are more likely to be heeded; the season when one particular angel is being chosen from among many, to convey the essence and joy of Christmas day.

Join Cherub and the choirmaster as they experience the warmth, hope, anticipation and joy of the birth of a tiny little boy whose seemingly insignificant birth would echo hope for centuries to come.

This is a heartwarming presentation of the first Christmas that will help young children understand the true meaning of this occasion.

When little Samuel heard God calling him, he replied, “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening!” And so began a fascinating life of dedication to God’s service! Children will also see how Jesus called Peter and Andrew to follow him as disciples. Cherub’s fantastic lineup of songs, stories and illustrations show us that we’re never too young to hear God’s call!



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